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All fans of the thriller drama “Besa” were happy with the news that the shooting of the second season of this popular series has begun in Montenegro at the end of last year.

The creators of “Besa 2” are Toni Jordan and Igor Stoimenov, who together with Mladen Maticevic, Vuk Rsumovic, and the screenwriter. The director is signed by several directors, including Nikola Ljuca, who is in charge of the Montenegrin storyline. In addition to Rasa Bukvic, Milos Timotijevic, Arben Bajraktaraj, Hana Selimovic, Milica Gojkovic, Milan Maric, which we will watch in the new ten sequels, the audience will have the opportunity to meet new characters played by Florist Bajgora and Ervin Bailery.

At the moment “Adrenalin” production team preparations are underway in Belgrade for the filming of the sequel, which starts in March, and after that, the work on the series continues abroad.

The plot of the new season of “Besa” actually starts in real-time, more precisely two years after the end of the first season. We find our heroes, and above all Uroš, Dardan, and Petrit, completely displaced from their “comfort zone” in situations that are absolutely unexpected for the audience. Specific for the second season is that we will not focus on one hero, but we will follow the destinies of our (anti) heroes in parallel. The fates of the characters will intertwine on several levels, although they are geographically separated. This means that we are filming “Besa” in several countries this season as well, and as a complete novelty, the team will be filming a part of the series in the Baltic countries. We have finished filming the part of the series that is happening in Montenegro, and in the spring we will start filming in other locations in other countries – Igor Stoimenov reveals, creator and screenwriter of the second season of “Besa”, adding the fact that the series takes place in six countries, and will be filmed in eight languages, with actors and team members from fifteen countries, this project is challenging and demanding on all grounds for realization.

Truth be told, in the second season it is certainly easier, because now we all know each other more or less, and we trust in each other, so it is enough to just look at one another, and without words, we know what we want – he says.

The first season ended dramatically, with the question of whether Uros Peric is ready to save his family and kill Inspector Petrit Koci? What will happen in the new episodes remains to be seen.

In recent years, crime series have never been filmed more in our country. Igor points out how this series differs from everything we have had the opportunity to see so far.

First of all, “Besa” is not an a priori crime series. We use the criminal context to tell a story based on the postulates of ancient tragedy – the best the Balkan Peninsula has ever given in art. Conflicts, primarily within the family, and then between families, are what “Besa” deals with. In the new season, we will introduce generational conflict as one of the main leitmotifs, which will primarily be reflected in the confrontation of traditional and modern. Because of that, many younger actors, who had supporting roles in the first season, will have a far more important role, when I say that I am thinking primarily of Una, Luka, Driton, Ilir … Besa (a given word that must be kept), is wrongly related only to the Albanian heritage. It is spread across all tribal communities throughout the southern Balkans. Blood revenge is just one of its most explicit forms, which exists to this very day. We have tried to use that moment of the Balkan heritage, in combination with the postulates of ancient tragedies, in the same way, that, say, Scandinavians use noir aesthetics, or Israelis use the Jewish-Palestinian question in their shows. The universality of our story, which was created according to the original idea of ​​Srdjan Saper, was confirmed in the Arabic version of “Besa”, which was filmed in Lebanon last year, – Igor emphasizes.

Milos Timotijevic who portrays one of the most impressive characters Inspector Petrit Koci says that the most difficult thing so far has been filming action scenes.

They take the most time and energy because they require a large number of reiterations and camera settings. And there have been a few this season. But I think we did a great job and the audience will enjoy not only them but the complexity of the story and the characters that have been elevated to a high level this season. By the way, it’s hard for me to talk about what’s going on with my character because first of all I’m bound by my contract (I can’t reveal details or the plot of the second season yet) and secondly I don’t like reveling those things because I think it would spoil the pleasure of watching the series.

Timotijevic also points out that the shootings in Montenegro before the New Year will be remembered for the wonderful film takes and weather conditions that served them, but also for the natural beauties of this country.

As we find out if there are no unforeseen things, the end of filming should be at the beginning of summer, and the broadcast is planned for the fall on the Superstar TV channel.

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