Two new series are coming – Most and Jovanka

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In addition to currently preparing the second season of the Besa series, Adrenalin production is also preparing two other projects under the names – “Most” and “Jovanka”.

Most (The Bridge) is an adaptation of the cult Swedish-Danish series from 2011, which Endemol distributed as the world-famous format of The Bridge (Bron/Broen) to numerous markets (Great Britain, USA, France, Russia, Germany, and Malaysia / Singapore). The never-seen plot is the story of an unusual detective couple, with big conflicts and differences that are a consequence of the complex relationship between the two countries. The rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as the social circumstances, create an opportunity for the Serbo-Croatian version of the Bridge to surprise the viewers with its dynamic and original story.

Jovanka TV series

The TV series Jovanka (Tito’s wife) is a historical drama that shows the great love of two very important personalities who, as such, are a symbol of the golden historical era of the former Yugoslavia. The disintegration of their love follows the disintegration of Yugoslavia, and this fascinating story is told through the prism of Jovanka’s love for Tito and the country.