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“The Wrong Man” Gathered the Right People!

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The first regional daily family series was filmed, take a look!

The Adrenalin production company celebrated the successful completion of the filming of the first regional daily family series, “The Wrong Man”, which lasted seven months.

The production of 180 episodes involved more than 200 actors and over 150 crew members from Serbia and Croatia.

Working together on this project meant working in a good atmosphere, which was transferred from the set to one Belgrade club.

“The Wrong Man” is being broadcast simultaneously on Prva TV and RTL Croatia, with numerous cast members: Ivana Roščić, Petar Benčina, Bojana Stefanović, Dara Džokić, Branislav Lečić, Dora Dimić Rakar, Predrag Bjelac and others.

“This is the first example of such cooperation in the region, we hope it will continue in the future,” the production said.


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