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The recorders reveal how they outplayed the chaser: „We have shown that knowledge should be appreciated“

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Three young students and one professor delighted the viewers of last night’s episode of “The Chase” when they defeated the chaser Zarko Stevanovic and won a record amount of 1,080,000 dinars. During their appearance in the morning program of the RTS channel, they revealed how they managed to outsmart the chaser.

Arsenije Arsic, a student of economics in Belgrade, who went through to the last game with the amount of 60,000 dinars, says that looking back at it now he is sorry that he didn’t go for a higher amount, because he knew all the answers in the second game.

The second student of economics in last night’s episode was Bojan Milosevic, who went for a higher amount in the second game and contributed 300,000 dinars to the total amount and attributed to setting the quiz record.
“It’s a very unusual feeling to be in a game show. In the first game, I was a little nervous, which is why I did not manage to win the amount I wanted. So in the second game, I went for all or nothing” – Milosevic states.

Sinisa Vulic, a history student from Belgrade, excelled in the first game and gave 12 correct answers, and in the second game, he courageously decided to go for a higher amount and try to win 700,000 dinars. He took a risk and it paid off.
All three students agree that the feeling of victory over the chaser is fantastic.

Darko Vucicevic, professor of technology and informatics from Sabac, gave 8 correct answers in the first game, but in the second game, with the consult of younger colleagues, he chose a lower amount of 20,000 dinars.
“First of I came here to play. Due to the circumstances, thanks to these young guys, we had the opportunity to break the record. It was important that we worked as a team and I think that was the key to our success – Vucicevic states.

The chaser was great, but we were better

After successfully playing the first rounds, Vulic says that all the competitors entered the final round somehow relieved, sure that they could beat the chaser.
“Considering that Sinisa was brilliant in the last game as well, I was pretty sure that we couldn’t lose when more than 20 steps were accumulated. I was very sorry that I made a mistake once, even though I knew the correct answer, but I didn’t pay attention. Fortunately, that did not cost us much” – Arsic points out.

When asked if the situation might have been different if another chaser had been chosen instead of Zarko Stevanovic, Bojan Milosevic said that it might have been a little more difficult from the psychological aspect, because Zarko is the closest chaser to their age.
Arsenije Arsic agrees and thinks that Zarko suited them the most because he does not create psychological pressure, unlike Milinkovic, but he adds that as far as knowledge is concerned, all three chasers are equally strong.
On the other hand, Professor Vucicevic said that because of his age, Milinkovic might be most suitable for him as a chaser.
This is the moment that tells us that we should appreciate knowledge. These guys next to me have shown that they can be counted on in the future – Vucicevic notes.