The “Hide and seek” series, an intimate story about children after World War II

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The new series “Hide and seek”, produced by RTS and Adenalin, follows the fate of boys and girls on their first day of school on Victory Day over fascism – May 9th, 1945.

The series is being filmed in the village of Ivanovo as well as in Pancevo. Hide and seek series, created by the director and screenwriter Misa Radivojevic, will have six episodes and the characters are played by children who have prominent roles in this series.

“The first scene was difficult for me when I was entering the river, but now everything is fine and I think it will be good,” says one of the young actors Filip Cvetkovic.

After the end of World War II, the children of the winning and losing sides did not receive the same treatment in society, even though they were not responsible for the sins nor successes of their parents.

Srd from OZNA (Department for People’s Protection) is played by Milan Maric. With his colleague Andja, firmly believing in their convictions, they want to make a better state but their methods are a little strange.

“By settling various matters with the inhabitants of this town, he tries to settle with himself and find his place in the new system that was born after World War II. Unfortunately, children are always the victims of adults, ”explains Maric.

“Very often, those people who are deeply immersed in an ideology forget who is in front of them, that it is a man, not to say a child, and that is something unacceptable,” says actress Jasna Djuricic.

The series follows a period in which representatives of the new government, in a euphoric state, deal with all those who are, without judgment, labeled guilty, all before the eyes of their helpless children, who thus realize the injustice and cruelty of the world.

“An intimate story, it is neither a crime, nor a contemporary soap opera, but an intimate childhood experience of Misa Radivojevic and his friends in a small town in Serbia,” said series director Miodrag Stevanovic.

“It’s a movie with children, but for both adults and children. It is a very strange mixture, which I hope to be able to overcome, it was an ambitious idea from the beginning, “says series director Misa Radivojevic.

In each of the six episodes, the series will follow the individual destinies of the children who gather and play here in the town square, where a tree has been set up for filming, and all the important news from that time has been hung.

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