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Starting today on the RTL Adria channel: A new tense crime series that everyone will talk about – BESA

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‘Besa’ is a new crime series with 12 episodes that bring a tense story about a firm promise that must be kept at the cost of life.

The life of a family will change dramatically when a labyrinth of unpredictable circumstances unites an ordinary man Uros (Radivoje Bukvic) and the regional head of the mafia Dardan (Arben Bajraktaraj).

The series was created in the executive production of RTL and the international co-production of Adrenalin and Red Planet Pictures. In this series, which was made according to the highest production standards, as many as 200 actors from the former Yugoslavia, Albania, Great Britain, and France got their role, and one of the most important roles is played by the Croatian actress Lana Baric. The filming of the series lasted 120 days in attractive locations throughout the region, including filming in Split and Rovinj. The series brought together an international and regional team of authors and actors, led by renowned British screenwriter Tony Jordan, celebrated for the TV series “Hustle” and “Life on Mars”. Together with screenwriter Mladen Maticevic and a team of writers from our region, and according to the original idea of ​​Srdjan Saper, Jordan created the first regional series that meets all the standards of famous British drama series, which is also the specificity of “Besa”. Dusan Lazarevic took over the director’s baton, directing the TV series successfully shown on the BBC and Netflix, and known to the local audience for directing the first season of the series “Women from Dedinje”. The main roles were shared by Radivoje Raša Bukvić, an actor with an enviable international career, known for his roles in the films “Die Hard 3” and “96 Hours”, who plays Uros in this series – one of the main roles, and Arben Bajraktaraj, also known for roles in the movies “96 hours” and “Taken” and the series “Harry Potter”, which viewers of ‘Besa’ will follow in the role of Dardan.

Source: RTL