T H E  C H A S E

The Chase is a game show licensed by the British TV channel ITV. It has been among the most beloved and highly watched TV programs in the prime-time slot of Radio Television Serbia for ten seasons.

Potera, or the Chase, is a unique game show conceptually, because competitors compete as a team against the all-knowing Chasers, after which they share the prize money with their team. Currently, the show is in its eleventh season.

The seekers, who you love only if you beat them, are Milica Jokanović, a law graduate, Milorad Milinković, a film and TV director, and Žarko Stevanović, a programmer and Milan Bukvić, a master’s student of philosophy.

The host of Potera is one of the most beloved faces of RTS, a completely natural Jovan Memedović.

Apply for the new season of the Chase by sending an e-mail to prijava@potera.rs with your first name, last name and phone number.