Some 47 years after the screening of the original version of the series “Na slovo na slovo” [Letter on Letter], with the legendary Mica Tatic and his Acim, the series returned children and parents to the wonderful world of Dusko Radovic’s imagination on small screens in 2010. In the remake of the series to which generations learned their first letters, Acim wears jeans and trainers, while Mica is brought to life by Svetislav Bule Goncic.

Eternal stories and verses in cheerful scenery and playful costumes are also conveyed to children by Zoran Cvijanovic, Nikola Kojo, Srdjan Timarov, Irina Micijevic, Marinko Madcgalj and Borka Tomovic, under the direction of Darijan Mihajlovic.