B E S A 2

The shocking and exciting story begins when Uros Peric, an ordinary family man from Belgrade, survives a car crash driving a van on a business trip in Montenegro. The accident was caused by a young woman, daughter of Dardan Berisha, dangerous Balkan mafia boss living in Ulcinj.

This fateful event, which no one could anticipate, forever binds these two very different men, affecting their lives and paths. During the show, they connect and get closer in a strange way.

Dardan gives Uros a BESA, a blood oath which must be honored at the cost of his life, to protect his family from revenge if he commits five murders for him. If Uros accepts, he would be a free man. On this road, apart from Dardan’s shadow, Uros is followed by Interpol inspector Petrit Koci, who wants to stop Dardan Berisha guided by his deep personal motives.

The first season of the series was co-produced by Adrenalin and Red Planet Pictures.

The second season of “Besa” continues three years after Uros received the last assignment from drug lord Dardan Berisha: to kill Inspector Petrit Koci to redeem his own life. Uros Peric and his family are in a completely unexpected place, while the head of the mafia, Dardan Berisha, and the Interpol inspector Petrit Koci are found in unforeseen plots and situations.

Despite his father’s opposition, Driton Berisha returns to Ulcinj eager for revenge and initiates a series of events that will impose the dilemma whether it is possible to always keep the given word and protect the family.

The second season of the BESA series was produced by Adrenalin.

The Besa series, based on the original idea by Srdjan Saper, was created by Tony Jordan and Igor Stoimenov. It was filmed in more than 200 locations in several countries including Estonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, etc.

It was filmed at more than 200 locations, covering several countries including Estonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, etc.

The international cast are: Radivoje Bukvic, Arben Bajraktaraj, Milos Timotijevic, Lana Baric, Gresa Palaska, Mensur Safqiu, Milica Gojkovic, Milan Maric, Relja Popovic, Florist Bajgora, Tristan Halilaj and others.

According to the expert jury, Besa was declared the best in 2019 and became the favorite serial program of viewers in Serbia. The series won the Golden Antenna for the best series, as well as an award for the best music by composer Nemanja Mosurovic, and the best photography by Igor Sunter.