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Milan Bukvic new Chaser in The Chase

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In the third episode, the audience finally got the answer to the question “Who is the mysterious new Chaser”? Various theories were circulating on the Internet. No one knew for sure who he was. In his premiere episode, our new Chaser Milan Bukvic showed that he has the knowledge and justified the nickname “The Promising Boy”!

“His nickname is after one of the most famous films by Aleksandar Bercek, he was born 25 years ago and comes from Kragujevac. The Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade graduated with a perfect score. The same thing follows him during his master’s studies in philosophy in Novi Sad.

Milan dedicated last year’s appearance in the quiz as a contestant to his grandfather when he said that he was the main culprit for his love for this format of competition and competition with knowledge.

“Every Friday I came to him, we made popcorn and watched together. He really was a quiz man, although unlike me, he is a shy man and never signed up and that’s why I wanted to put this performance of mine as the crown of my growing up next to him and my gratitude to him “, said Milan Bukvic

Find out about his new role of the Chaser, who his role models are, and how is he preparing for the performance in the video below:

Milan Bukvic
Milan Bukvic