Dusan 2

Former Red Star basketball player who participated in other quizzes WON 600,000 dinars, host of the quizz Memedovic watched in amazement

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The ninth season began with a big victory over the chaser Milorad Milinkovic. Dusan Macura showed excellent knowledge from the very beginning, winning 90,000 dinars in the first game. His knowledge and general knowledge came in handy because he decided in the second game to go for the higher amount of 600,000 dinars and gave the correct answer to every question.

In the Last Game, they were left without two competitors, but Dusan and student Mina Baucel, who brought 40,000 to the joint prize fund, stood on Milinkovic’s line. Dusan answered most of the questions decisively, confidently, accurately and achieved a great advantage in steps over the chaser.

Meet Dusan Macura, a man of 2 meters and 10 centimeters who won over hearts with his benevolence and energy:

Dusan Macura
Dusan Macura

Potera quiz is one of the longest-running quizzes in Serbia. It was made in cooperation with Adrenalin Production and RTS. Watch us every Monday from 9pm. You can find all the information on the official Potera pages. The host of the program is Jovan Memedovic.