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Filming of Second Season of Serbian Series Besa Wraps in Estonia

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The popular Serbian crime drama series Besa directed by Igor Stoimenov, Nikola Ljuca, Milan Todorović, and Maša Nešković finished filming its second season in Estonia, after Montenegro and Serbia, in August 2021 with Nafta Film servicing. It was the first time when a Serbian series was shot in Estonia.

“In Estonia, we were filming the most difficult and production-demanding part of the series, especially in terms of action scenes. Some days we mastered up to three locations, so the pace of work was very intense and strenuous”, says Tea Korolija, executive producer of the series.

The international cast from eight countries includes famous actors who already play in the series, such as Rasa Bukvic, Milos Timotijevic, Milica Gojkovic, Lana Baric, and Istok Shunter, as well as Estonian actors.

“It was a challenge for me and a great honor to direct in eight different languages, and I adore the combination of different cultures that is present in our series throughout the story totally spontaneously”, says director Igor Stoimenov.

The second season of Besa was shot in Montenegro in October-December 2020, in Serbia in April-July 2021, and Estonia in August 2021.

The producers of the series, Telekom Srbija and Adrenalin, have announced that the broadcasting of the second season will start on Superstar TV in the autumn of 2021.

Besa is the first Serbian TV series to get an adaptation tailored for foreign markets by the Dubai-based production house MBC Studios and Lebanon’s Eagle Films.