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  • Milena Radulovic, Juanlu González, Luis Fernández lead the international cast
  • The main cast also includes Stefan Kapicic, Mladen Sovilj, Goran Susljik and Julen Serrano

The much anticipated new drama SCAR (Cicatriz), led by Plano a Plano in coproduction with Dopamine, has today announced the main cast. It includes a range of established Spanish actors as well as international and well-known stars from the Adriatic region, with casting facilitated through a collaboration with Serbian production company, Adrenalin. This Spanish / Serbian pioneering collaboration was brought about by Asacha Media Group.

In the lead roles are Milena Radulovic, a popular Serbian actress known for her work on hit dramas including Besa and Superdeep, and Juanlu González, from the internationally successful Valeria, and the popular Spanish TV crime series La caza. Guadiana, La otra mirada as well as films including Operación Camarón.

An enigmatic woman with a mysterious scar across her face, Irina (Radulovic) has lived with the emotional scars of tragedy since she was a young child and ever since, has been intent on exacting revenge.

Simón (González) is a gifted IT specialist with an exceptional brain capable of creating the most complex algorithms, but his social skills are almost non-existent.  However, despite all his anxieties, Simon joins a dating app and that’s where he meets Irina, whether it’s his inexperience in love or her brutal attractiveness, he falls head over heels in love and into a complex and dangerous world he could never have imagined.

Luis Fernández rose to fame with his role as Culebra in Los Protegidos and has since gone on to star in shows like A tres metros sobre el Cielo, Desaparecidos and Servir y Proteger. In SCAR, he plays Tomás; a charismatic and frivolous extrovert, and despite being Simón’s polar opposite, is his best friend, business partner, and connection to the real world.

Actor and dancer Julen Serrano plays Arturo, Simón’s brother and his oasis of calm and certainty; he is his safety zone and is the only person with whom Simón knows how to be himself.

Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic, has starred in international hits Deadpool (in his role as Colossus) and Better Call Saul and plays Boris; intelligent, cautious, practical and scheming with a distinct lack of a conscience which has seen him rise from a nobody in a criminal gang to one of the most respected capos of the Russian mafia in Spain.

Mladen Sovilj, an internationally renowned Balkan actor, has a distinguished career of more than 50 roles across film and TV and plays Vanya; a vocational criminal and Boris’s wild and irrational, right-hand man.

Goran Susljik, a noted Serbian filmmaker, actor, and producer plays El Afgano; a key character in Irina’s past, present, and future, he is responsible for training Irina, and turning her into a blood-thirsty, killing machine; a replica of himself.

The high-octane thriller has begun filming in Bilbao, and is directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas, Manuel Carballo, and Alejandro Bazzano. The writing team was formed by Fernando Sancristóbal, Pablo Roa, and Verónica Marza. The executive producers are César Benítez, Emilio Amaré, Emilio A. Pina, Álvaro Benítez, Fernando Sancristóbal and Fidela Navarro.

The eight-part ( 8×50) drama is a Plano a Plano and Dopamine production in collaboration with Asacha Media Group and Adrenalin in association with RTVE, Prime Video Spain, and Telekom Srbija.


Simon could be a lucky guy; he is young, smart, and about to become a billionaire if he sells his great creation – a ground-breaking algorithm – to a giant corporation. And yet, he feels lonely. His success in life is at odds with his distinct lack of social skills, but one day, despite his reservations, Simon joins a dating app and with the inexperience and eagerness of a teenager, falls madly in love with Irina, a young Ukrainian woman. Despite the thousands of kilometers that separate them, she decides to leave her country and travel to Spain. But the mysterious Irina, marked with an enigmatic scar on her cheek, carries a dark secret and pursues a single goal: revenge.

A passionate love story that began as a web of lies will ultimately change the destiny of its two protagonists.