About us

Operating as part of I&F Grupa,the leading communication network, founded by Srdjan Saper, which operates in several European markets, Adrenalin has introduced and implemented global trends to the local market from the beginning. Initially producing TV entertainment formats, at the turn of 2007 Adrenalin entered into drama series creation.

First TV drama project, “The Storks Will Return”, co-produced with Cobra Film, became a major regional hit and a show that become a household name. In recent years, Adrenalin has strategically dedicated itself to creating its copyright and high-quality drama series. TV series “Besa”, created by British writer Tony Jordan, is the first drama show from Serbia that has been sold as a format and adapted for other markets. Besa has upgraded the production standards of the local market in every segment.

Adrenalin develops and creates regional content that provides opportunities for regional cooperation between broadcasters, production houses, talent, etc. We firmly believe that “Balkan series” can develop over the next few years to become a brand like the Scandinavian examples.