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A series of victories in quiz Potera continues with the brave and experienced retired Ljiljana Radulovic Dimitar

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The new season has just begun, and the audience already got a new record holder and role model Ljiljana Radulovic Dimitrov in this sensational episode.

Retired Ljiljana or better known as grandmother Ljilja came to the quiz at the urging of her two daughters-in-law. This is not the first time they have signed her up for a quiz. With her courage and calmness, she managed to give correct answers to 7 questions in the first game and thus placed herself in the second game. Having enviable knowledge and calmness, she stood in front of the chaser Milica Jokanovic and confidently responded to her offer of a higher amount, which was 700,000 dinars.

The former teacher, now retired from Novi Sad, entered the sum of 700,000 in the prize fund without a mistake and thus became the first female to defend that sum. She is now equal with the fantastic Sinisa Vulic, a member of the Potera record team.

In the final chase with her, as the three musketeers, as she jokes she had a big part in their 21 steps ahead of the chaser. She managed to answer two questions correctly and thus return Milica, which was enough to win. They won a total of 940,000 dinars, which they divide into equal parts.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Grandma Ljilja, watch the video she prepared just for the audience of Potera:

Ljiljana Radulovic Dimitar
Ljiljana Radulovic Dimitar